Bulgarian Association of Medical Oncology (BAMO) was established on August 30, 2012 It brings together specialists in medical oncology fellows and doctors working in this field or have a professional interest in it. BAMO received broad support from all cancer hospitals in the country. Members of the Management Board of BAMO are Prof.Dragan Bobev, Assoc. I. Hristozova, Prof. Yu. Raynov Assoc. Dr. Ch. Ganchev, Assoc. Dr. M. Nikolov, Dr. Borislav Dimitrov (Deputy Chairman), Dr. El. Kristeva, Dr. P. Petrov, Dr. C. Mintchev (Plovdiv), Dr. K. Genova (Rousse), Dr. D. Dimitrova (Montana), Dr. K. Yancheva (Burgas), Dr. C. Taskova (Varna), Dr. Marcella Koleva, Dr. Spartak Vulev Dr. St.. Pavlova (District), Dr. T. Koynova Dr. A. Katzarska (Blagoevgrad).
With the formation of BAMO our association has several main objectives, namely creating the conditions for the application of the achievements of modern medical oncology in Bulgaria, raising the theoretical knowledge in medical oncology, health education of our population. We are confident that under conditions of continuously increasing morbidity and mortality from cancer in the world, achieving these goals would reduce the risk and rate of increase in the incidence of so difficult to treat diseases such as cancer.
To realize this ambitious program BAMO annually organizes scientific conferences on the latest advances in drug therapy of malignant tumors. We hope that the presentation of therapeutic developments reported at the World Congress of Clinical Oncology, will make the latest knowledge available to Bulgarian oncologists. In support of our ideas meet in collaboration with other scientific societies of the country, in periodical publications, brochures and other materials.
In line with our desire to improve and optimize the current health care system at the beginning of December 2012 a meeting was held with the Scientific Society of Pathology. As a result, both companies submitted proposal document to the Ministry of Health and National Health Insurance Fund to solve pressing problems in this area, and to provide funding for this important diagnostic process activity.
In October 2013 together with the Bulgarian National Association of Oncology held International School devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors. World famous names specialists introduced the latest developments in treatment of these cancers with increasing incidence.
Doctors working in the field of medical oncology specialized doctors and medical students met with interest periodical of the association- Studia Oncologica. It specialists and young physicians specializing present scientific reviews of Oncology and interesting clinical case studies.
Until recently, medical oncologists in Bulgaria did not have a textbook in medical oncology, although the specialty exists in our 2007 Initiative BAMO issue is the first and only textbook of Bulgarian language- “Medical Oncology” (Sofia, 2012).
Not unimportant part of the tasks of Hydroxycarbamoyl is periodically updated training program in Medical Oncology, according to the European training program in this specialty. Such a program-proposal was submitted to the Ministry of Health in the autumn of 2012, but the response from the institution does not have.
Experts from BAMO respond to current problems in medical and diagnostic activities by giving expert advice to the responsible institutions: proposals to the National Health Insurance Fund, Ministry of Health and the BMA. These opinions concerned the amendments to Ordinance 40, changes in the requirements for treatment with hormonal products in the NHIF unjustified changes in the indications for treatment – including ICD codes outside the SPC.
BAMO Association is facing not only to doctors – specialists, but is designed to be of benefit to patients in Bulgaria. At the initiative of BAMO brochure was developed to help patients undergoing chemotherapy. This is one of the first complete materials clarifying the nature of the different types of drug treatment of malignant tumors, the risk of side effects and ways to overcome them. Awareness of patients about their upcoming treatment and their confidence in the quality of the information they guarantee a successful doctor-patient dialogue and successful healing process.
Currently, the association is preparing the second Annual International Conference traditionally recent discoveries in the field of drug treatment of solid malignant tumors. 5 foreign lecturers are invited, world famous names to Bulgarian audience acquainted with developments in the treatment of the most common sites of malignant tumors – breast cancer, lung and colon. Participants in the meeting will be made available first in our guide HER2 – diagnostics. It is prepared by leading Bulgarian pathologists and is issued with the assistance of BAMO.
Bulgarian Association of Medical Oncology unites more than 90% of specialists in medical oncologists in the country. Membership of the BAMO constantly growing. Association enjoys enormous prestige among colleagues – doctors and specialists as their best endeavors to meet the high demands of their professional and put their pressing problems faced by official institutions.